Dagsseminar om norsk klimapolitikk og EU

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    kl 09:30 til kl 16:00
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    ForUM for Utvikling og Miljø

Seminar: For Better or Worse? Shaping a Norwegian EU-agreement and Climate Politics Ahead 

In the future, Norwegian climate politics will be closely interlinked with EU climate politics. EU is negotiating and updating its climate-framework, and when that is set Norway will negotiate the details in their agreement with EU.

Norway is preparing this work, and Norwegian big business is updated, posing all the right questions. To match this, strengthen, and mobilize Norwegian NGOs in their climate advocacy work, ForUM, WWF, and Naturvernforbundet are inviting NGOs to a full day workshop on March 7:th. There Anja Kollmuss from CAN Europe, Elin Lerum Boasson from CICERO, and Dag Svarstad from KLD will help us to develop a better understanding for what is at stake, and how it can be influenced.


Registration: To forumfor@forumfor.no until 3:rd of March at 12.00. It is possible to register for parts of the day.


9:30     Welcome and introduction
9:40     Can climate politics catch up with climate change –  are European countries doing enough? Anja Kollmuss, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe
10.00   How does EU work? (EU policy making and institutions) Anja Kollmuss CAN
10:30   European Trading System (ETS) Anja Kollmuss CAN
11:00   Break
11.15   Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) Anja Kollmuss CAN
11.45   ESR and ETS – consequences for Norway, Elin Lerum Boasson, CICERO
12:30   Lunch (sandwiches will be served)
13.30   ESR and ETS – a Norwegian perspective, Dag Svarstad, the Norwegian Ministry for Climate and Environment (KLD)
14:30   The Climate Lawsuit against Norway and its relation to ESR and the Norwegian EU-agreement, Greenpeace (TBC)
15.00   Break
15.15   Strategy session: Future advocacy plans from Norwegian NGOs –  discussion and conclusion
16.00   END time



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