Green Drinks: Trial of the Century

  • DATO: 
  • Klokkeslett: 
    kl 19:00 til kl 23:00
  • STED: 
    Kulturhuset, Youngsgate 6, Oslo

We are moving closer to the trial of the century!

Greenpeace Norge and Natur og Ungdom are spearheading a coalition of organisations taking the Norwegian government to court, claiming that the state’s decision to open up new oil fields in the Barents sea violates the limit placed on their power by the Constitution’s art 112. The article guarantees everyone the right the a healthy and sustainable environment.

On the last day of the trial, when the lawyers for both sides will present their most pointed arguments, we are ready to bring you the highlights of the case.

You will be treated to a distilled, accessible version of one of the most important cases to ever hit the Norwegian courts, presented by groovy lawyers speaking the language of normal people! We are lucky enough to be able to host this event at Biblioteket at Kulturhuset where you can enjoy distilled, accessible beverages while you listen, learn, and hope!

Spre klimavett,
del denne saken!