Leaders must show courage and boldness

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    lørdag 19. jul 2014
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«This is a decisive year. The UN secretary general has called for a climate summit in New York in September. It is imperative that governments and corporate leaders come to this summit committed to ambitious actions on the climate if we are to stand a chance to reach an agreement in 2015 commensurate with the challenge. Many of the Elders have shouldered the burden of government. We do not make the mistake of believing that addressing climate change is easy. But we know that there are times when, no matter how eldersdifficult the immediate landscape, leaders must show courage and boldness. This is such a time.» Kofi Annan, talsperson for The Elders, en uavhengig gruppe som arbeider for fred og menneskeretter. Etablert 2007 på initiativ av Nelson Mandela.

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